Chanda Ikeda: Architect of Better Governance and Advocacy at San Francisco Federal Credit Union


Chanda Ikeda’s remarkable record of public service, spanning over a decade, has left an enduring impact on local governance and community support initiatives within the City and County of San Francisco and through her consultancy. As a vital member of our Supervisory Committee, Chanda’s expertise in public administration and her dedication to fostering improved governance practices are invaluable to our credit union. Her commitment extends far beyond professional boundaries, as demonstrated by her advocacy for children in foster care with SF Casa, showcasing her determination to effect real change for the most vulnerable in our community.

Chanda’s holistic approach to public service, combining professional acumen with passionate advocacy, underscores the significance of dedicated governance and the profound impact it can have on community welfare. Her work is a testament to the power of committed leadership in driving meaningful improvements and fostering a more equitable society.

Our team at San Francisco Federal Credit Union is honored to include leaders like Chanda Ikeda, whose exemplary public service and leadership in various arenas significantly contribute to our enriched collective experience and our drive for substantial, positive change. In commemorating Women’s History Month, we highlight the distinguished contributions and the diverse paths of dedication to public service exemplified by Chanda and her fellow leaders, underscoring the depth of their commitment and the breadth of their impact on our community and society at large.

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