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Personal Loans

Loan Features

  • Rates as low as 2.99% APR*
  • Loan amounts starting at $500
  • Terms from 61 days up to 84 months
  • No loan origination fees
  • Affordable payments

A personal loan is a type of unsecured loan that requires no security or collateral.  The interest rate and term of the loan are fixed, which provides you with a consistent monthly payment. The money borrowed can be used for any purpose, including taking a vacation, a wedding celebration, paying medical bills, emergency situations and/or to simply have additional cash on hand.  Personal loans are easy to apply for and, once approved, your money can be available the same day!  There are no upfront fees and we offer flexible repayment terms at fixed low rates.

Because it is a closed-ended type of loan, you can pay off the loan over a scheduled period of time, which provides you with the ability to better manage your monthly bills and your debt. (This is unlike a Debt Consolidation Loan, which allows you to consolidate all your credit card bills into one, pay it off faster AND at a lower interest rate!)


Personal Loan Products

Debt Consolidation Loans
TermAs Low As APR¹ %
1-12 Months3.49%
13-24 Months9.74%
25-36 Months9.99%
37-48 Months10.24%
49-60 Months10.74%
61-72 Months13.24%
73-84 Months14.49%
Last Updated: 09/01/2021
Personal Loans
TermAs Low As APR¹ %
1-12 Months2.99%
13-24 Months6.49%
25-36 Months6.99%
37-48 Months7.24%
49-60 Months7.74%
61-72 Months7.74%
73-84 Months8.49%
Last Updated: 09/01/2021

Personal Loan FAQs

How much can I borrow?

Qualified applications can borrow up to $50,000 with terms up to an 84 month repayment period. The amount and term of your personal loan will be decided based on your financial situation, including your verifiable income and credit history, and what makes the most sense for you.

What are the benefits of a personal loan?

– The interest rate and term of the loan are fixed, which provides you with a set monthly payment
– There are no loan fees or pre-payment penalties
– There is no collateral required to secure the loan
– Use can use the funds however you like
– Once approved, your funds will be available to you in the same day!
– You can have the loan payment conveniently deducted from your checking account

How does a personal loan differ from a credit card?

Personal loans and credit cards are both lending options provided by the credit union. Personal loans are structured with a specific term – a period of time you are given to pay off the loan. This balance can be paid in full through equal monthly payments that go toward both principle and interest. Alternately, credit cards are considered a revolving line of credit and do not come with terms – there is no specific time the balance needs to be paid in full. Credit cards at San Francisco Federal Credit Union offer an interest-free period and require a minimum payment each month when there is a balance. You are offered a credit limit and can make ongoing purchases, cash advances, and balance transfers. For both credit cards and all our loans, we offer a Credit Protection Plan

What does my credit score and income have to do with my loan?

As a responsible financial partner, San Francisco Federal Credit Union is committed to making sure we have safe and ethical lending practices. This means that when you apply for one of our loan products, we do a thorough financial review to ensure that granting the loan does not put you in an uncomfortable financial situation. Your credit score and income tell a story on your ability to manage your finances and your commitment to paying money owed. It also helps us determine the amount we can lend to you and at what rate.

How do I apply for a personal loan?

You can apply in one of three ways: online, call us at 415-775-5377, or by visiting one of our branches.

What is a loan repayment term?

The term of the loan is the length of time you are provided to pay back the funds borrowed. We offer terms from 61 days up to 84 months.

If I pay the loan before the term, is there a penalty?

No, San Francisco Federal Credit Union does not charge a pre-payment penalty. We encourage our members to increase their monthly payments or make additional payments when they can. This will help reduce the balance quicker and save on interest you pay.

What’s the difference between a personal loan and a debt consolidation loan?

Once you carefully assessed your financial situation and objectives, you are in a better position to determine if a debt consolidation loan from San Francisco Federal Credit Union is appropriate for you. Please understand, a debt consolidation loan is different than a personal loan, so any special promotions we may have available throughout the year for our personal loans does not apply to our debt consolidation loan. You can apply for your debt consolidation loan by calling 415-775-5377, by stopping into one of our branch offices or by clicking on the button to the right. All loans subject to credit approval. Read More

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*APR = Annual Percentage Rate. Rate range from as low as 1.99%APR up to a maximum of 17.99%APR. Actual APR is determined at the time a credit decision is rendered and may be higher than the lowest available rate. Credit history, loan terms, and amount borrowed are all factors that determine the rate. Not all borrows will qualify for the lowest rate. The 1.99% is offered on terms up to 12 months for qualified borrowers. All loans are subject to credit approval. You can get cash the same day you apply with the submission of verifiable proof of income and other required documents.

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