Why Right Now Is a Great Time to Buy a Home

The housing market is red-hot right now, but you should not allow this competition to discourage your hopes of finding your dream home. Below, we’ve listed several reasons why right now is a great time to buy a home.

Competitive Mortgage Rates

house with keys

A major reason why right now is a great time to buy a home is that you can find very competitive and low mortgage interest rates. San Francisco Federal Credit Union offers home loans with as low as 2.785% APR. They also offer home equity lines at low as 4.00% APR, or personal loans as low as 1.99% APR, that can be used to fund various home renovation projects.

5 Innovative Design Trends to Think About

2021 has increased the popularity of many innovative home renovation and design trends. You might find some of these in the homes that you consider, and they are also great options for customizing your future home to fit your family’s needs.

  1. Custom Interior Door Styles
Door Styles

Many homes no longer come with standard interior doors. There are many popular and desirable trends and interior door styles right now:

  • Sliding barn doors that complement rustic or industrial home decor styles
  • Classic French double doors
  • Glass-paned doors to promote an open concept and improve safety for families with small children.
  • Doors with built-in mirrors or chalkboards
  • Solid wooden doors to assist in soundproofing certain spaces

Doors can now be customized to fit the needs and design preferences of your family.

2. Dutch Lap Vinyl Siding

dutch vinyl siding

Dutch lap vinyl siding is a beautiful siding option for your home that is especially popular among colonial-style homes along the east coast. Dutch lap vinyl siding mimics the look of real wood siding but is designed to be more durable, moisture-resistant, and long-lasting compared to the real wooden siding. Homes with vinyl siding may be more desirable during your home buying process due to these benefits.

3. Sleek Pool Drainage System

pool drainage

If you’re considering purchasing a home with a pool, it is important to inspect the drainage system. An outdated drainage system will require a lot of maintenance and upkeep, and may even require replacement within a few years.

There are many beneficial pool deck drainage updates and options, including slim drainage that does not require a heavy great cover, built-in sloping to assist with deck drainage, and sleek designs that will complement the rest of your pool and backyard aesthetic. If you find a home with an updated pool drainage system, this is a huge plus. However, if you aren’t ready to take on the cost of replacing a pool deck drain, this may be an important deciding factor when choosing a home.

4. ADA Compliant Grab Bars

ada step railings panels

It is important to ensure that your home has adequate safety measures, especially if any of your family members are disabled or elderly. Grab bars and handrails are useful in locations with higher fall risk, including the bathroom, in showers and tubs, and near doorways and stairs. Installing ADA-compliant grab bars is a great way to improve the comfort and safety of your home, and finding a home for sale with this feature could be a major benefit for your family.

5. Vinyl Plank Flooring

vinyl plank flooring improvement

If you don’t have time to maintain real hardwood floors, this can be a major consideration in your home buying process. Hardwood floors require regular maintenance including polish and wax to restore shine and reduce the look of scratches and dents. 

A home with vinyl plank flooring may be desirable for its low maintenance, and easy cleaning. This type of flooring is very durable, making it pet and child-friendly. It can also mimic the look of many different colors and styles of wood at a more affordable cost. 

This could also be a great home renovation option for moving into your new home, as it can easily be installed in a few days without the help of professionals.

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