5 Ways to Avoid Getting Taken In By A Car Dealer

Businesses are reopening, and that includes car dealers. Since 2021 autos are now being shipped to dealers, in order to make room on their lots, dealers need to get rid of their 2020 inventory. In other words, this is a good time to get a deal when car shopping! Still, car dealers try to get the best deal for themselves, not you, so these tips may be helpful:

  1. Do your research before visiting a car dealer. Find out which kind of vehicle you want, determine your budget, and read up on customers’ reviews of your chosen car. If you walk in knowing nothing, the dealer will quickly take advantage of your naivety. Here are the pros/cons of buying a new and used auto.
  2. Be ambiguous. Don’t give the impression that you’re definitely buying through this dealer or they won’t be trying their hardest to give you the best deal. You can even drop hints that you’ve already found several vehicles that you are seriously considering.
  3. Don’t agree to any “extras” for protection. Etching, rustproofing and paint-and-fabric protection aren’t worth much – and they definitely aren’t worth what they charge you for it!
  4. Don’t automatically agree to all damage waivers you’re offered. Many are unnecessary and provide insufficient coverage. Do careful research on each service before signing up for it.
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