Looking to Make Some Home Improvements

Looking to Make Some Home Improvements

Cost-Saving Home Improvement Tips

May is National Home Improvement Month. Some of you may be itching to make some changes. For less than $100, you can give a room an entirely new look!

  • Give a tired kitchen a new look by replacing just the cabinet fronts.
  • Cover your countertops with granite look-a-like Contact paper instead of springing for actual new countertops.
  • Use PVC pipes for curtain rods.
  • Create a mirrored backsplash in your kitchen using a pack of self-adhesive mirror tiles, which retail at approximately $15 per 20-tile pack.
  • Give your home a paint job with fresh-looking walls for the cost of just paint and brushes.
  • Let the light in by replacing aging fixtures with trendy, inexpensive ones from online discounters or during Memorial Day sales.

However, if you’re contemplating a larger home improvement project, you may want to rethink that DIY approach. Here are three times when calling in a professional may be a good idea.

Taking Down A Wall:

Turning two small spaces into a large open space may be appealing, but it is not easy to know when it is safe. Even if the wall in question is not load-bearing, it may take an expert’s eye to determine which walls are safe to take down and which ones are best left alone. In addition, they will know the current local building codes.

Working with Electricity:

Adding new electrical outlets and rewiring an underused space can be a smart home improvement, but electrical work is not a DIY project thanks to the potentially deadly current flowing through those wires. There is a reason electricians are trained and licensed, and the safety aspect cannot be overestimated.

Planning a Plumbing Upgrade:

A professional plumber probably isn’t needed to upgrade the kitchen sink faucets, but more elaborate plumbing renovations deserve professional help. Whether it’s adding an upflush toilet or upgrading to a steam shower, there are many ways a DIY plumbing project can go wrong. So do yourself a favor and call in a plumber to do the actual work.

Many homeowners are looking for ways to enhance the value of their living spaces and improve the resale values of their properties. But it is essential when to put down the hammer and pick up the phone and call a professional. It’s also smart to consider our Home Equity Line of Credit (HELOC) to help pay for these improvements.

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