Scammer Tips

Scammer Tips


Just Say NO!

  • When someone asks for your online bank account numbers
  • When an online “friend” asks you to deposit a check or open a new account
  • When a social media “friend” asks for any of your personal financial information, especially your social security number
  • When someone you haven’t met in person asks you to send/wire them money
  • If someone you’ve only met on social media offers you a job and asks you to buy and send them  bitcoin, money orders or gift cards
  • If someone you’ve only met on social media asks you to buy a plane ticket for them
  • When someone you meet – whether it be in person or online – asks for help cashing a check by depositing it into your own account, sending them a portion of the money, and telling you that you can keep the rest of the money

Saying no means you will not let yourself become a victim of fraud, you will not aid and abet a criminal and, most importantly, you will keep your hard-earned money safe!

Protecting your accounts is a top priority for us at San Francisco Federal Credit Union.

For more information, go to the Federal Trade Commission website and read about social media scammers and romance scam schemes.

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