Luenna Kim: A Beacon of Leadership and Service at San Francisco Federal Credit Union

Luenna Kim Headshot

Luenna Kim, as the Board Chair at San Francisco Federal Credit Union, stands as a paragon of integrity, vision, and unwavering commitment to public service. With more than twenty years dedicated to fostering social justice, Luenna’s journey in the public sector is not just inspirational but a vivid illustration of dedication to societal betterment. Her role as a volunteer commissioner for a housing authority exemplifies her commitment to equitable housing, highlighting her deep-seated belief in community upliftment and the transformative power of dedicated leadership.

Throughout her career, Luenna has navigated a diverse array of roles, including labor relations manager, public defender, legal recruiter, and human resources director, each contributing to creating a world where everyone thrives.  Luenna not only leads with authority but with unwavering pursuit of a world where equity, inclusion, and access are lived realities, making her guidance indispensable to our mission and operations.

San Francisco Federal Credit Union is privileged to be guided by such distinguished women, including Luenna, who are not merely leaders within our institution but also formidable agents of change in their communities. Their deep engagement in transformation, collaboration, service, and leadership across varied sectors enriches our collective experience, fostering meaningful change. As we observe Women’s History Month, we are proud to spotlight the extraordinary paths these women have taken in their commitment to community, reflecting their unparalleled dedication and the profound impact of their contributions.

About San Francisco Federal Credit Union: San Francisco Federal Credit Union proudly serves the communities of San Francisco and San Mateo County. For nearly 70 years, SFFCU has focused on the philosophy of “people helping people.” Founded in 1954, its mission is to make a difference in the financial lives of its members and to dedicate time and resources to improving their communities.

As a not-for-profit cooperative, SFFCU’s board members are volunteers. Its earnings are returned to the members by offering savings products with higher returns and loans with lower rates. San Francisco Federal Credit Union is a member-owned financial institution committed to providing quality financial services and products. Founded on the principles of community service and inclusivity, it strives to empower its members and the communities it serves.

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